Totally Tropical! Sizzling Debut Album by Award-winning Songwriter, Rafael

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Totally Tropical!Sizzling Debut Album by Award-winning Songwriter, Rafael


Album:            Enamorarse en la playa (‘Falling in Love at the Beach’)
Artist:             Rafael & Energía Dominicana
CD #:              EUCD2715
Label:              ARC Music
Release:          26th May, 2017
Genre:             Tropical Latin American – Canada/Dominican Republic
Management:  Vivo Musique Internationale,  Glenda Rush :
Media:             Angie Lemon:

"This is true, hard and real Latin American pop, done here in a classical form composed of frenetic merengue, well developed salsa, bachata that is almost bolero and with a romantic walk completely taken with a melodramatic side as a bonus."  - Yves Bernard, Le Devoir

‘Enamorarse en la playa’ is the debut album from Dominican-Canadian singer Rafael Wilsikin Medina aka Rafael. Irresistible Caribbean rhythms from start to finish with Dominican merengue, ‘good time party’ bachata, saucy salsa and Puerto Rican bomba. Rafael’s orchestra, Energía Dominicana, provides the massive Latin American sound on ‘Enamorarse en la playa’ with guitars, bass, piano, tambora, congas, bongos, timbale drums, campana bell, maracas, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and the defining güira.

‘Enamorarse en la playa’ opens with the award-winning ‘Tirando duro’ which won ‘Merengue of the Year’ at the Premios Latinos Canada Awards in 2015. And it grows from there. Yet Rafael can also pen and perform balada or ballads as with the poignant ‘Sembrando amor’ (sowing the seeds of love) inspired while Rafael was watching a music concert for peace.

‘Enamorarse en la playa’ translates as ‘falling in love at the beach’ and celebrates love in all its extremes. The album’s title track ‘Enamorarse en la playa’ lays bare the simplicity and natural experience of falling in love at the beach as opposed to in a nightclub. It was no doubt inspired by the many beautiful beaches found close to the Rafael’s birthplace, the city of Bani in the Dominican Republic, such as Playa Almendros, Playa Nizao and Playa Palenque. Bani, also known locally as the city of poets, is also home to many Major League Baseball players, such as Miguel Tejada, Vladimir Guerrero and Erick Aybal. 

Songs of celebration are a high priority on ‘Enamorarse en la playa’ such as ‘Báilame’ or ‘dance for me’, holding the #1 spot on Manitoba’s CKXL radio for 3 weeks. ‘Báilame’ is a contemporary merengue /urban fusion with a tropical feel replete with accordion and may well be irresistible for clubbers, dancers and party goers. ‘Margarita’ is an up-beat celebration of the power of women. The video clip for ‘Margarita’ in the Puerto Rican bomba style, was directed by Vincent Egret, whose clips include the mega-hit ‘Danza Kuduro’ by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo. ‘Hasta que salga el sol’ (Until sunrise) was written and performed with the Latin music singer, composer and producer Papa AP whom Rafael has worked with on many projects.

Rafael Wilsikin Medina, now based in Montreal, Canada, possesses both the talent and team consistent with successful musical careers. Rafael’s manager, Glenda Rush from Vivo Musique Internationale, won ‘Manager of the Year’ 2016 at the Premios Latinos Awards. The dynamic orchestra Energía Dominicana have been working with Rafael since 2008. On 26th May 2017, ‘Enamorarse en la playa’ is released globally (excluding Canada) through ARC Music.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. 
Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

Reviews: ‘Enamorarse en la playa’ by Rafael & Energía Dominicana

****4 star review, review Le Journal de Montréal, Christophe Rodriguez.
"A true winter party that combines all the sounds of the Caribbean basin."

"Feel the warmth, energy and love that permeates this wonderful album of Latin music.”
 The Senior Times, Irwin Block

"Rafael & Energía Dominicana can compete with the best worldwide.”
La Presse, Alain Brunet.

Track Listing: Enamorarse en la playa by Rafael & Energía Dominicana

1. Tirando duro (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Franklin Galicia) - 3:48
2. Enamorarse en la playa (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Maestro Eufe) - 4:35
3. Amor del negrito (Rafael Wilsikin Medina) - 4:44
4. No le pegue a la mujer (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Jesus Alejandro ‘El Niño’) - 4:23
5. Báilame (Rafael Wilsikin Medina/José Daniel Figueroa Bravo) - 4:11
6. Hasta que salga el sol feat. Papa AP (Rafael Wilsikin Medina/Angel ‘Papa AP’ Arquimides Ruano Pinto/Angel ‘Docta Chalo’ Javier Rodriguez) - 3:40
7. Margarita (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Jesus Alejandro ‘El Niño’) - 3:31
8. No puedo vivir sin su amor (Rafael Wilsikin Medina) - 4:47
9. Mar de lágrimas (Rafael Wilsikin Medina) - 4:26
10. No toques fondo (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Jesus Alejandro ‘El Niño’) - 4:13
11. Lástima (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Maestro Eufe) - 3:54
12. Tu belleza (Rafael Wilsikin Medina, arr. Maestro Eufe) - 3:25
13. Sembrando amor (Rafael Wilsikin Medina/Chris Perry) - 4:10

Total playing time: 53:47 min.

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